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The Beltsville News focuses on the Beltsville community through 14,000 copies published monthly. The paper is staffed by all volunteers serving the Beltsville community with love, but without pay. If you enjoy Facebook you can join The Beltsville News Group. Listed on this page are as many archived issues of The Beltsville News that I […]

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Juliet Dillon: Beltsville’s Homegrown, Born-and-Raised Science Fiction Author

By Jim Butcher (from the March 2017 Beltsville Newspaper) If you live in Beltsville, chances are you are a neighbor to Juliet Dillon, fast-rising, highly successful Beltsville science fiction author. To check out her books, search Google for Juliet Dillon. The behemoth Internet marketer will promptly return a webpage advising that the book A […]

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A Review of Beltsville History – Part 4 of 4

By Ted Ladd – (originally published in The Beltsville News – June 2016) Beltsville and the Civil War Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States on November 6, 1860. In all of Prince George’s County, Lincoln received just one vote. Even before he moved into the White House, his election prompted seven […]

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A Review of Beltsville History – Part 3 of 4

By Ted Ladd – This 4-part series was suggested and supported by Jay Williams (originally published in The Beltsville News – May 2016) The Taverns of Beltsville The main route between Baltimore and Washington starting about 1730 was the Post Road, later to become Route 1. In the early days, the 40-mile route was […]

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